[dev] application for secure storing passwords with horde

andre pawlowski sqall at h4des.org
Sun Mar 14 20:29:04 UTC 2010

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting andre pawlowski <sqall at h4des.org>:
>> Jan Schneider wrote:
>>> Zitat von Andre Pawlowski <sqall at h4des.org>:
>>>> Hi guys,
>>>> I was sick of storing my passwords local in an encrypted file and
>>>> have written a Horde application for this. The application is called
>>>> Eleusis. The user can create a passwordstore with a masterpassword.
>>>> With this masterpassword the passwordstore will be encrypted with
>>>> blowfish. So any user can store their passwords online in a secure
>>>> way.
>>>> The application NEVER stores anything unencrypted on the hard disk
>>>> drive of the server and so even forensic tools for recovering files
>>>> will fail when you want to crack the passwordfile.
>>>> The application uses php mycrypt for the encryption and works with
>>>> horde 3 (any version).
>>>> You can download the project on
>>>> http://h4des.org/index.php?inhalt=eleusis
>>>> Is the horde project interested in this application? Should I store
>>>> it on the horde server?
>>> I personally use notes encryption in Mnemo for that purpose because I
>>> can save arbitratry additional information there, not only password
>>> pairs. But I can see some use and potential for that application.
>>> Are you willing to further support this application with bug fixes,
>>> updating to Horde 4, etc? Then we could host it as an official Horde
>>> application on our servers.
>>> Jan.
>> Hi Jan,
>> yes of course I am willing to support this application with bug fixes
>> and updating to Horde 4. I use this application for myself and therefore
>> I need bug fixes and the update to Horde 4 ;)
> Great - how do you want to move forward? Do you want to submit an H4
> version?
> -chuck

Tell me how to move forward. I can migrate this version of Eleusis to an
H4 version. Where can I get H4? What's with the H3 version? Should I
store it somewhere on your servers?


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