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Gonçalo Queirós goncalo.queiros at portugalmail.net
Wed Oct 27 10:51:45 UTC 2010

On 10/26/2010 08:22 PM, Michael M Slusarz wrote:
> Quoting Gonçalo Queirós <goncalo.queiros at portugalmail.net>:
>> Hi there list.
>> Is there any way to print the full email message on Dimp? I know there's
>> way to print every part separately, and due to the use of iframes it
>> might be tricky to print the full message, but anyway, there might be
>> some secret way to get it done :-)
> Open the message in a new window and print using the browser print
> command.
> michael

Doing that will only print one page, even if the iframe that has the
HTML is 2 or 3 pages long

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