[dev] need a hint on sub-permissions in horde 4

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Sun Oct 31 09:49:20 UTC 2010


I've been trying to port the patch of http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/9350 to H4, 
but failed so far in making the sub-permissions show up in perms 

I tried (among others, but this one seemed to look most similar to the share 
permissions in turba)

        $perms = array(
            'max_blocks' => array(
                'title' => _("Maximum Number of Portal Blocks"),
                'type' => 'int'
            'administration'=> array(
                'title' => _("Administration Permissions"),
                'type' => 'boolean'
            'administration:somesubpermission' => array(
                'title' => _("Permission for XYZ"),
                'type' => 'boolean'
        return $perms;

max_blocks shows up, administration shows up. administration:somesubpermission 
doesn't show up and administration does not have the symbol for adding sub 

Maybe I'm missing some obvious point.

Ralf Lang

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