[gollem] Display

Rich West Rich.West@divatv.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 11:19:32 -0400

But.. but.. but..  gack.

Well, when I did the original horde+imp install, I got the CVS install 
of gollem.

If I go the top level of the horde install, and select the "FTP" icon at 
the bottom panel, it prompts of for a user and password (and host and 
port).  I log in there, and I get a blank screen. :(

If I use the latest gollem from CVS and drop it into the horde tree (in 
place of the existing gollem), update the config files, and go through 
the same procedure, I get that error.

It is logging in via ftp.  It shows that in the /tmp/gollem.log file, as 
well as in the output from "last".


I feel like I am missing something here (aside from a few marbles)..


Jon Parise wrote:

>On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 04:24:09PM +0200, Jan Schneider wrote:
>>You either didn't update Horde too or you didn't login to Horde
>>before logging in to Gollem. 
>It's probably the second case (at least, that's what fixed it for
>me).  Gollem should probably enforce that requirement instead of
>displaying an error.