Problems with PHPLIB for Horde...

John F. Restrepo Gomez johnf at
Wed Oct 11 12:40:37 PDT 2000

Hi all!

I´m stuck trying to get things ready with Horde, I did follow every single
step on the instructions, and when I go to the test.php3 page everything
it´s ok, except when I try the test of PHPLIB for Horde, I keep receiving

Fatal error: HordeCT is not a class in on line 388

I don´t know what's wrong with prepend.php3, any help will be very

Thanx in advance,

Shibumi (a.k.a. JohnF)

Version: 3.1
GCS/CM d-(-)@>- s: a-- C(+++)$ UL++++$ P@ L+++$ !E W++ N@ !o K--? !w--@ !O
M$ !V PS+@ PE@ !Y !PGP t+@ !5 X+@ !R tv@ b+@ !DI D@ !G e++@ h r y+ 
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