library program (library like biblio :)

Imre Oolberg imre at
Thu Nov 23 03:37:04 PST 2000


i am sorry, haven't done much digging in the net but surely there must be
a web-based library-maintaining program. At least it couldn't be too hard
to implement it on the PHP-MySQL-Apache server.

I though of writing it myself but i am buzy with other Linux-related 
things :(

I wish it has for example following features:

- web-interface, accessable thru web-brauser.
- authentication/authorization agenst user-database
- privileged user can maintain library database, add, modify etc items
- ordinary users can check what books are avaiable, maybe pre-subscribe
  and aslo use search engine etc

Could somebody point me towards something with similar properties, we use
in our College a Linux server and have a little library.

Best Regards, Imre Oolberg

PS IMP rules!

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