[horde] Log.php

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 23:26:18 -0500

Quoting doug moore <lordscarlet@idledreams.net>:

> I was told the discussion from bug 586 here.  Log.php cannot be found, even
> after a make install in the src/php4/pear directory.. 

Have you checked to see if Log.php is in the pear directory that you're 
installing? From the look of it, you have 4.04pl1, which is probably too old - 
grab pear out of php4 cvs or from a snapshot (snaps.php.net).

> I also get nothing for turba when i try to go to it (file can't be found) and 

Not sure about this - can you do some debugging and see whether it's dying in 
redirect.php, or somewhere else, and maybe see why?

> also, when i get the: You are accessing the system as a Guest. Would you
> like to log in?  prompt and i click "log in" nothing happens.. it just
> loads up the same screen..

Horde login doesn't do anything right now.


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