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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Mon Feb 5 15:38:22 PST 2001

Quoting doug moore <lordscarlet@idledreams.net>:

> no i didn't. :)  do i need to use any tags when getting php4-cvs?  i sweat
> to you i grabbed it form CVS :) i did have to download the 4.0.4pl1 in order
> to have a configure (for some reason cvs doesn't have it) and then ran cvs
> on top of it, but i don't see how that would cause me to not have the cvs
> version...  let me know if you get the same problem on the demo site or if
> i'm some sort of cancer to IMP :)

You need to run ./buildconf in your cvs checkout to generate the configure 
script. I've no idea what running 4.0.4's configure script in a cvs checkout 
would do.

Anyway, something is causing the demo site to segfault as well. My only theory 
right now is that mt_rand() is causing it, since I switched us over to that a 
day or so ago and that's the only change I can think of that would effect all 

So, can you try going into horde/lib/Secret.php, and changing mt_srand() to 
srand() and mt_rand() to rand()?


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck@horde.org>
"My intuitive grasp of math often leads me astray." -Me

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