[horde] Okay..

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Mon Feb 5 19:51:54 PST 2001

Quoting doug moore <lordscarlet@idledreams.net>:

> I FINALLY got the php-cvs running.. for some reason i have to clear out
> apache each time i want a new real build.. there's no "make clean" and i
> think that's the sort of thing i need to do to not have to do that.. but
> anyway..  that fixed the Log.php problem but i still get the page cannot be
> displayed error.. the problem with doing the backtrace is i can't seem to
> find a core file even though i did --enable-debug.  have you tried the demo
> site to see if you get the same error?

Please read the link that I pointed you to; there are instructions for getting 
a backtrace without a core file.


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