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EEMAN eeman at bluegrass.net
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I agree, I guess I am just a little paranoid about running a cvs of php
since I have other pages using php including a phpshop package =). How close
is horde/imp's cvs tree to becoming a stable release? I am in the process of
re-inventing our wheel at work (an ISP). Including creating a SANs with NFS
etc. I plan on implementing IMP (even if its 2.2) but after salivating over
some of the added features of 2.3-cvs I find myself hoping it releases to
stable around the same time I begin to roll out web based email for our
clients. Of course that's probably at least month or two off.


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This will cause you not to run into those errors, but it is not a solution.
Compression, in particular, can be a huge performance boost. If you go to
http://snaps.php.net/, and download the latest php4 code, you will get a
version of PEAR that includes the Log package and HTTP/Compress.php.


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