[horde] RPM for Red Hat 7 Linux

EEMAN eeman at bluegrass.net
Tue Feb 6 20:07:22 PST 2001

I use those very .rpm's in redhat 7 for every linux firewall/mail server we
deploy. Apache was changed out to run as user apache in 7 vice 'nobody' in 6
.. and the home/httpd structure changed.. but with 7 you can redefine it to
use user 'nobody' and change any entry for /var/www back to /home/httpd -or-
if you want to keep /var/www you will have to use the tar.gz files.


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I don't know if i'm correct in this mailing list.
Just want to know if there are any plans for
publishing an .rpm for Red Hat 7.

I found some .rpm files for RH6 but they do not work
for RH7. Any release date for them?

Thanks so much,


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