[horde] RPM for Red Hat 7 Linux

Brent J. Nordquist bjn at horde.org
Wed Feb 7 11:37:52 PST 2001

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, EEMAN <eeman at bluegrass.net> wrote:

> to make the .spec files completely compatible with rh7 i just changed 3
> lines and it works completely =). (of course modified version to say rh7
> instead of 6).
> %define apacheuser apache
> %define apachegroup apache
> %define contentdir /var/www

Right; those are the two biggies.  I was able to get rid of an old trigger
from the 1.2.2/2.2.2 release.  I've changed the dependency to require php
>= 4.0.3pl1 instead of 3.0.16 (since RH7 has switched completely to PHP
4).  And the horde.conf/imp.conf files have to be altered to match the
new /var/www path.  And the documentation in the README on dependencies
needed a big overhaul.

> wv-0.6.2 is required instead of the previous version in order to work on
> rh7. I can upload if you like including wv and php-4.0.3 (seems to be
> getting hard to find now that 4.0.4 came out).

I'll put all the dependencies that are mentioned in the RPM README on the
Horde FTP site, including php-4.0.3pl1 for now.

> I didn't see anything in 2.2.4 that indicated use of xlHtml but I have
> used it in the cvs release of imp. Since wvHtml is optional I didnt
> include it in the spec file.

Yes, correct on both counts.  I just thought it would be cool to provide
for them both, but I've never done xlHtml either.

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