Daniel Provin dgp at
Thu Feb 8 08:48:53 PST 2001


i am trying to install horde 1.2.4 and IMP 2.2.4 

i have open my test.php3 file and it worked
my PHPLIB configuration shows that: 

- track_vars: Yes 
- PHPLIB (is page_open() defined): Yes 
- I am now going to try to create a HordeSession class. If this line is
the last thing that you see, then you do not have class HordeSession
defined in the phplib file. Fix that before proceeding. 
- Created a HordeSession instance successfully
- Click here to test PHPLIB for Horde (If this link results in "Document
Contains No Data" or "Fatal error...", then you probably have not defined
the HordeSession class in the PHPLIB file). 

but when i click on the link " Click here to test PHPLIB for Horde" it
 "Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: hordect in 
/usr/local/apache/php/ on line 388"

and the line above this link tell me that this instance was successfully,
buy than, on the link, it fails

and i have the IMAP installed too, buy my PHP module Capabilies do not
show it too, it will work only if i reinstall imap and php?

Daniel Provin

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