[horde] Fatal error: Call to undefined function: shm_attach() in /usr/local/php/ct_shm.inc on line 31

Brent J. Nordquist bjn at horde.org
Sun Mar 4 18:53:57 PST 2001

Thanks again:

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, WebWiz <webwiz at atlcon.net> wrote:

> Results of "rpm -qa | grep php-" are as follows:
> mod_php-4.0.4pl1-6.arvin
> php-mysql-4.0.4pl1-6.arvin
> php-4.0.4pl1-6.arvin
> php-imap-4.0.4pl1-1.2mdk

Hmmm... haven't seen the 6.arvin (clearly someone customized them) so I
don't know what might be weird there.  Also a little odd that you've got a
Mandrake one in there; I think you should use a matched set of all 4.

I'm using the 4.0.3pl1-1 from Red Hat (updates) with no problems.  If you
really wanted to figure out the shared memory thing, you might compare
your RPMs to those, or to the -6 or later ones from Nalin or Rawhide:


...but on the other hand, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...  I don't
think you need to go to a lot of trouble for this.  Thanks for what you've
been willing to share already.

Brent J. Nordquist <bjn at horde.org>
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