Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: hordect in /usr/local/apache/php/phplib/session.inc on line 388

Espen Wang espen at dropzone.as
Tue Mar 13 10:37:39 PST 2001

Take a look at http://shire.shells.no/horde/test.php3

Everything looks fine, until I press the "Click here to test PHPLIB for

Same happens on http://shire.shells.no/horde/imp/index.php3

After reading the FAQ, I came to this solution:

5.1.3 "Cannot instantiate non-existent class: hordect"
       This error is caused by an incorrect PHPlib configuration. Make
sure that the appropriate section for your chosen storage class is fully
uncommented in the
       local.inc file in your PHPlib directory. Frequently, during
configuration, the HordeCT part of the PHPlib configuration (located
below the HordeDB section for
       your storage class) is accidentally left commented out. 

In which I have done everything correctly..

Now.. Is there any other errors I've done?

  Espen Wang

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