error with mysql configuration

Abid Ghufran abidghufran at
Thu Mar 15 07:57:29 PST 2001

Dear Brent and All,

I am working with mysql for preferences and session storage. When i try to 
run the mysql command (to setup the database and the tables) at the the 
prompt i get this error:

Error 2002: Cant connect to local MYSQL server through socket  

I dont have any such file as mysql.sock at the specified location. And 
becuase of this i am unble to get my database working. My machine is the 
host at which i have my Apache, MYSQL server and client, Horde 1.2, IMP 2.2, 
PHP4 and all other related rpms (which is how i got the environment).

Wonder what could be the reason. Shall be online waiting for the replies.

Abid Ghufran.
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