[imp] error with mysql configuration

Abid Ghufran abidghufran at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 03:30:23 PST 2001

Yes MYSql is running. I tried to figure out the problem by having a look 
into the php scripts and i think that the command"mysql_pconnect()" is 
unable to make a connection with the server. The error messages i get point 
to the this location in the php program.

What should be the sequence in which the mysql setup should be run? My 
Apache is php enabled, Horde seems to be working fine, Imp is working fine 
but the only problem seems to be with the mysql setup.

What could be wrong? And what shoul be the point at which i should focus 

Abid Ghufran.

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Is your MySql server running?

ps ax | grep mysqld

Abid Ghufran wrote:

 > Dear Brent and All,
 > I am working with mysql for preferences and session storage. When i try 
 > run the mysql command (to setup the database and the tables) at the the
 > prompt i get this error:
 > Error 2002: Cant connect to local MYSQL server through socket
 > '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'

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