[horde] Instalation

Marcelo Pereira gandalf at sum.desktop.com.br
Tue Apr 24 11:44:44 PDT 2001


I really was using the devel version. So, I made a single test with the
stable version, because this have some interesting options, like portuguese
language support...... but, it was just a test, and I am backing to the
devel version...... I dont wanna use a database, unless it improve speed or
anything else.

Which sites are already using Horde ?
I was looking for it at www.horde.org but I couldn't use it...

See ya,

Marcelo Pereira
Unicamp - Brazil

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> Quoting Marcelo Pereira <gandalf at sum.desktop.com.br>:
> > I'm confused...... IMP 2.2/Horde 1.2 are the stable release, isn't is
> > Should I use IMP 2.3/Horde 1.3, even these been the devel versions ???
> It's up to you - I was under the impression that you had been using the
> version. And you asked how you could use IMP without a database, so I gave
> all of your options.
> -chuck
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