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Robin P. Blanchard Robin_Blanchard at
Thu Jun 28 12:45:06 PDT 2001

sending this to the IMP list as well. sorry for the cross post.

i've got horde/imp 2.3.7-cvs (from earlier today) installed and
running just great on a freebsd-4.3stable box with apache-1.3.20 and php-4.0.5

i'm trying to figure out the best way for horde to have some sort of unified

in horde/config/registry.php i uncommented the following two lines

	$this->registry['auth']['login'] = 'imp';
	$this->registry['auth']['logout'] = 'imp';

which thus seems to make horde use imp as it's default auth module.
that's great as i now don't have to separately configure an auth
mechanism for addressbook (which is working great against our ldap server).

the ftp module is still wanting another login/auth, though. all of our
users have a unified password via ldap. so i'd much rather have one auth
mechanism be passed along through all the horde modules.

what is the advised means of accomplishing this (logging in to horde
allows access to all horde modules)?

thanks in advance.

Robin P. Blanchard
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Georgia Center for Continuing Ed.
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thank you its working now the problem was i didnt have on mysql the
tables so i just create the two tables and everything that was not
working is working now including the contact list
On 28 Jun 2001 13:28:22 -0500, Brent J. Nordquist wrote:
> On 28 Jun 2001, Miguel Cavazos <mike at> wrote:
> > how exactly do i add them the tables?
> horde/scripts/database/mysql_create.sql
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