no body

Keith Robinson kar at
Tue Nov 20 08:44:09 PST 2001


I'm just trying to install horde/imp onto a debian box (ie used apt-get rather than a tarball), but find that when I go to the link http://myserver/horde, I get the border (which says modules ... actions), but get no body: just a complete blank.

Trying looks fine, but gives the following:

Please go to the top level directory for your installation and run "sh ./"; this will enable the configuration manager.

So, not having a (apt-get, remember), I thought I'd locate the source of the error:

> grep -rl "enable the" /usr/share/horde
> /usr/share/horde/setup.php3

This error is only generated if you have no /etc/horde/horde.php3 or ./im/etc/horde/defaults.php3 file
(I have /etc/horde/horde.php3) or whether either of those files is writable, but /etc/horde/horde.php3 is only writable by root and not group www-data, which horde runs as.

So, I'm a bit stuck.  Any thoughts on this?  It's probably something simple, but any help would be appreciated.



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