fatal error in IMP 3.0

Marc Fellman m.fellman at vitalogic.nl
Thu Nov 22 02:20:35 PST 2001

First of all.... hello,

I'm new to these lists and not sure which one I should use in this case. I
installed the HORDE RC2 and IMP RC2. Horde seems to be working but when I log
into IMP I get the following message:

Fatal error: No parent class available in this context in
/var/wwws/html/hordenew/imp/lib/Identity/IMP.php on line 34

When I switch back to Horde I can see that I have messages in my inbox (It
reports the number and a link to the inbox) but when I click on the INBOX I get
the same message. So it looks like I'm logged in but something is holding me
back from looking at the messages. I'm running IMP 2.2.3 (yes I know I probably
should update) next to the RC2. I have set the include dirs on basis of the
directory to prevent errors.

Could someone tell me where to look for a soultion?


Dit bericht was verstuurd met IMP: fellsoft.homeip.net

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