Jon needs a job

Jon Parise jon at
Thu Nov 22 14:17:23 PST 2001

Following in Chuck's footsteps ...

Due to budget cuts, I'm no longer working for SuSE, Inc.

However, I still need to pay the bills, and being I'm a full-time
graduate student, I can't commit to a full-time job.

If anyone has any part-time or contractual work available, please
let me know.  Aside from web development, I'm also a skilled
systems administrator, and I have a strong working knowledge of
most network services (LDAP, databases, DNS, most mail protocols,
Kerberos, etc.).

I apologize for polluting the lists.  Please reply to me

Jon Parise (jon at  .  Information Technology (2001)  :  Computer Science House Member

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