Chora 1.0 RC1

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at
Sun Nov 25 14:35:23 PST 2001

The Horde team is very pleased to announce the availability of the first
release candidate (RC1) of Chora, the Horde CVS Viewer.  This release
uses the new Horde 2.x API as its application platform.

Our evaluation is that the RC1 release is ready for production testing;
the final release will of course be production-level.  Only bug fixes and
forward-compatible changes will end up in future RC's and the final
release.  We're shooting for Christmas for the final release; thanks in
advance for helping us meet this goal by testing the RC's and providing us
with feedback on the Horde lists.

A lot of work has gone into this first version of Chora:

- Support for multiple CVS repositories
- MIME-awareness, to pretty-print code or convert PDFs to text
- Visual branch histories, to view the flow of code through a project
- Internationalisation, with six languages supported in this release
- Annotation (or 'blame') support

... as well as all the usual CVS functions you are familiar with from
other similar applications.

A demo installation is available at 
and Chora is also being used at


The RC1 release can be downloaded from the following location:

MD5 checksum:

17aa865991291315c44af1cb50ac98bf   chora-1.0-RC1.tar.gz

Anil Madhavapeddy, <anil at>

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