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Thu Jan 10 16:58:05 PST 2002

 I just installed Horde (2.0) and IMP (3.0), on Apache (RedHat 
 apache-1.3.22-1.7.1), with PHP 4.1.1.
 My problem is with logging in via IMAP/SSL.  Logging in over plain IMAP 
 works fine.  Logging in via the using IMAP/SSL (self-signed 
 cert) also works.  But my installation of PHP/Horde/IMP can't seem to handle 
 I turned on LOG_DEBUG in horde/conf/horde.php, but I just get NOTICE level 
 and above.  It seems like a timeout problem -- it takes a few minutes of 
 trying, and then it says it couldn't log in, and the following line is 
 entered in the log:
   HORDE [error] [imp] FAILED LOGIN x.x.x.x to[imap/ssl] as \
   ford [on line 332 of "/var/www/html/horde/imp/lib/IMP.php"]
 I'm using Courier-IMAP, and it doesn't produce any log entries for this 
 particular failure.
 The c-client lib that I used came with Pine 4.40.  I tested Pine, and it's 
 able to login using IMAP/SSL/self-signed just fine, so I don't suspect a 
 corrupt c-client.
 I do notice that "ldd" gives: => /usr/lib/ (0x40331000)
 but I don't know if that's significant.  There's another in
 Anyway, I welcome any hints as to what's causing this problem.
 Thanks in advance.
--Dave Chin
   dwchin at

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