[horde] rpm install question db2_dba

Brent J. Nordquist bjn at horde.org
Tue Jan 22 08:31:43 PST 2002

Hello Tim,

Wow, Red Hat SPARC.  I can't say I've been down that road before; I think 
you're in uncharted waters.  :-)  Well,

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Tim Olson <tim at 5000feet.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to install via the following files:
> horde-1.2.7-1rh6.noarch.rpm
> horde-mysql-1.2.7-1rh6.noarch.rpm
> imp-2.2.7-1rh6.noarch.rpm
> freetype-1.3.1-5.src.rpm
> php-3.0.17-1.6.2horde1.src.rpm
> and then also
> RedHat sparc's standard apache RPMS's (latest)
> RedHat sparc's standard imap RPMS's (latest)

This "should" theoretically hypothetically work... PHP 3.0.17 is
sufficient for Horde 1.2.x/IMP 2.2.x.  I take it that you're intending to
store your session information in MySQL (and therefore you wouldn't need
DB/DBM/GDBM support etc. in PHP)?  If so:

> my biggest problem is when I try to do an rpm --rebuild on php-3.0.17
> I also tried doing "make" in the src directory.
> I get these errors:  (sorry so long...don't know what's critical)
> Tim
> See Below ---VVVVV
> gcc -fPIC -O2 -m32 -mtune=ultrasparc -DLINUX=22 -I/usr/include/db1
> -DEAPI -DUSE_EXPAT -I../lib/expat-lite -fpic -DSHARED_MODULE  -I. -I.  
> -I/usr/include/apache                  -I/usr/include/apache    -c
> functions/dba_db2.c -o functions/dba_db2.o
> functions/dba_db2.c:57: parse error before `DBC'
> functions/dba_db2.c:57: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
> functions/dba_db2.c:58: warning: data definition has no type or storage
> class

Since it's barfing on the Berkeley DB2 extension, the first thing I would
try (if I were you) is to add "--without-db2" to the configure section in
the SPEC file, and see if you get past this.  You might try adding other
"--without-X" directives on things that break... the SPEC file includes a
lot of things in PHP that Horde/IMP don't really need.

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