problems with mysql_create.sql

Otto Brandstätter otto at
Fri Jan 25 09:20:29 PST 2002

Hi !

I am not really new to horde as I have been using 1.2 already for about
1 year or so.
Now I decided to installed the new version and everything looked fine.
I compiled a new php etc. and copied the horde files.
now i wanted to create the database - for that reason i deleted the old
one and tried to run mysql_create.

i get several errors, the first one is:
ERROR 1071 at line 53: Specified key was too long. Max key length is 256

so i used phpMyAdmin to create the tables manually, but this seems not
to be the right way, as I do not have indizes then.

Does anyone know about that and what this can be ?
I am using mySQL 3.22.32

Thanks !

Otto Brandstaetter

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