Installation problems

Jean-Michel POURE jm.poure at
Wed Mar 20 13:12:31 PST 2002

Dear all,

I am new to Horde and downloaded Horde from CVS. My configuration is as 
follows : Apache 1.31, Php 4.12, latest PEAR libraries from Horde FTP.

I would like to setup up horde and contribute to the project.

1) I can view test.php (everything is installed) and refresh counts

2) I created a database under PostgreSQL with user/password and configured 
config/horde.php accordingly. I tried to create on using an SQL statement 
like INSERT INTO. After that, I tried to log in Horde, unsuccessfuly 
(password should be encrypted by PHP).

Consequenly, I cannot log in Horde using database authentication.

3) Therefore, I removed the SQL driver in preference, but did not succeed to 
log in. The log file shows "Failed login for root from ..."

Can anyone explain me how to set up Horder on my Linux box?
Best regards, Jean-Michel POURE

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