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Daniel Dochita Daniel.Dochita at sibiu.rdsnet.ro
Thu Mar 28 01:11:41 PST 2002

Hello everyone. i need some help in creating my "_create" script from
horde/scripts/db. I'm installing the horde software now and i' reading the
INSTALL file that comes with horde and at step 2 i have a problem, i dont
have the _create script in scripts/db.
The next test is the advice that comes with INSTALL.
-------Start Here------
2. Creating databases

   The specific steps to create a preferences storage container depend
   on which database you've chosen to use.

   First, look in scripts/db/ to see if a "_create" script already
   exists for your database. If so, you should be able to simply
   execute that script as superuser in your database.

   Be sure to change the default password, "horde", to something
   else before creating the tables! (Remember to use this password
   when you configure Horde in the next step.)

   If such a script does not exist, you'll need to build your own, using
   the files auth.sql, prefs.sql, and category.sql as a starting point.
   If you need assistance in creating databases for a database for
   which no "_create" script exists, you may wish to let us know on
   the Horde mailing list.
-------End Here--------

So i need help to create the script. if anyone can give me any hints or
examples i would realy appreciate. Thank you very much

Daniel Dochita

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