[horde] Re: Blank page after 2.0 install?

Craig Coles CColes at keylabs.com
Thu Mar 28 10:49:38 PST 2002

I too have just installed horde 2.1 with imp 3.1 and I see a screen that is
mostly blank.  Really it has the username and password boxes (since the text
color is white, no text appears), background is white, the top and bottom
banners are there but no icons in the bottom banner... the log file is not
being written to.

After doing some playing around I found that if I make the following changes
in the ./config/horde.php file:

auth.driver = 'imap'
auth.params.dsn = '{localhost/imap:143}INBOX'

(IMAP server is local, I cannot use 'sql' to authenticate, and cannot use
'sql' for prefs.)

If the above items are set I can log in, the login screen is white text on a
black background, the icons appear in the bottom banner, and the log file
get written to.

Can someone tell me how to get the database to work?  After getting this
much to work, I went ahead and did some playing around getting IMP loaded
and working (still no db though), and TURBA too.  I added a contact entry in
Turba, which uses the db so I know that access to the db can work.

Do I have to pre-load the database with values to get the auth/pref features
to work?  How are values normally entered in these tables?  Currently, after
the database setup scripts have run the tables are empty.  I didn't see any
reference in IMP to Preferences, how is this done.

...after this is working, I was wondering about filters.  There is help on
them, but cannot see what/how to use them in IMP.  Are they available yet?

(sorry for the unorganized questions, just wanting to know!)


Original Message
From: "Eric Knudstrup" <eric at knudstrup.org>

I recently tried to upgrade to 2.0 and all I get is a blank html page when I
try to access index.php.
The test.php page, however, comes out fine and says I have all of the
necessary components.
I don't even get the log file.

PHP 4.1.2
Apache 1.3.22
RH Linux 6.2

Is there something I can do to get more visibility into the problem?



Illegitimi Non Carborundum

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