[horde] Re: [turba] options panel for turba

Vincent Stoessel vincent at xaymaca.com
Fri May 3 07:25:03 PDT 2002

I am using Horde 2.1 RC2 from:


Shouldn't that work?

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Vincent Stoessel <vincent at xaymaca.com>:
>>Can someone tell me why the options panel for
>>turba RC2 of 1.1 has a blank options screen?
>>Php throws this error:
>>PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  groupiseditable() in 
>>/usr/local/apache/htdocs/horde/templates/prefs/overview.inc on line 24
>>I assume I should be using the CVS version of horde, eh?
> You should be using Horde 2.1 or 2.0.
> -chuck
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Vincent Stoessel
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vincent xaymaca.com

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