[horde] LDAP Prefs + Horde 3.0 + IMP 4.0 Prob

Joel Wiesmann joel at secuserv.ch
Mon May 20 10:52:18 PDT 2002

Thanks a lot, this fixed the 0 offset - problem. But the
Warning: LDAP: modify operation could not be completed. in 
/usr/local/apache/htdocs/horde/lib/Prefs/ldap.php on line 444
Still remains. Any clue? Need more info?

Joel Wiesmann

Responsible code-part:
        /* Send the hash to the LDAP server. */
        $updated = true;
        if (ldap_mod_replace($this->connection, $this->dn, $new_values)) {
            foreach($dirty_prefs as $pref) {
                $this->setDirty($pref, false);
        } else {
                sprintf(_("Unable to modify preferences: [%d] %s"),
                __FILE__, __LINE__);
            $updated = false;

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