[horde] Horde's sql.php - tableRelations not in categories

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri May 24 16:29:44 PDT 2002

Zitat von Rodolfo Segleau <segleaur at mechanus.org>:

> Hmmm, I dropped the mySQL tables and added them again with the CVS
> scripts, but 
> at any time that I want to admin' the Horde Groups or Horde Permissions,
> it 
> gives me the following error:
> <begin error>
> A fatal error has occurred:
> Required 'tableRelations' not specified in categories configuration.
> [line 94 of /var/www/test-cvs/horde/lib/Category/sql.php]
> Details have been logged for the administrator.
> </end error>
> Is there something I'm missing? 

In config/horde.php you need this line:

$conf['category']['params']['tableRelations'] = 


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