[horde] Image width and height for IMG tags

Tero Matinlassi tero.matinlassi at edu.vantaa.fi
Sat May 25 02:05:16 PDT 2002


I don't know if this has been discussed before (at least a simple 
search on mailing list archives didn't show anything up), but I don't 
like that the HTML IMG tags in Horde applications usually don't have 
the height and width attributes defined.

This is because when a single page loads up, it's layout is completely 
messed up before the browser loads images and gets to know image sizes. 
If width and height attributes are defined then the layout will not 
change during the page load. I think it'll confuse at least some people 
that the page layout changes while loading it.

Is there any possibility to add width and height attributes to image 


Tero Matinlassi
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