[horde] Image width and height for IMG tags

Tero Matinlassi tero.matinlassi at edu.vantaa.fi
Sat May 25 07:35:11 PDT 2002

Lainaus Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Yes, you can go through the whole source code of your installation
> and edit
> every Horde::img() call to add additional width and height
> parameters
> matching each single image.

Ok. Here's a patch for IMP against RELENG:

If you don't want apply the whole patch, please atleast take a look at 
those entries which are missing the alt tag around _("something") 
(lib/IMP.php, lib/api.php, templates/prefs/sourceselect.inc).

I'll post patches for Horde/Kronolith/Turba/Nag later, probably on 


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