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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Jun 26 10:05:01 PDT 2002

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    From: Jens Meyer <jm at jensmeyer.de>
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 Subject: Re: [imp] Log in into Horde/IMP
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Hi Chuck!

Thank you for your fast reply to my email!

Chuck Hagenbuch schrieb:
> Quoting Jens Meyer <jm at jensmeyer.de>:
> > I changed to "imap" and after the config-fix with the faked
> > SSL-certificate I can login into Horde. But not to IMP, there shows up a
> > NOT FOUND-error: "The requested URL /horde/redirect.php was not found on
> > this server."
> > Hmm, the redirect.php is in horde/imp/ ...
> How did you configure registry.php and horde.php? Sounds like a path is 
> in registry.php

Yepp, I did not uncomment the lines for the application "IMP"... :-(

> > Is there a fix for this problem and can you tell me a source for more
> > information about login, administration and the user-management?
> It all depends on what backend you use - for SQL, insert a user into the 
> by hand, password md5()'ed, put that user into the admin array in
> horde/config/horde.php, and then you can use the admin interface.
> Otherwise, it's however you administer that source - your IMAP server, 

Ok, I understand.
But I can't find the admin-array in 
"$Horde: horde/config/horde.php.dist,v 2002/05/31 23:57:03 jan
Exp $".
Could you give me the complete name of the variable/array?


have nice day,

	Jens Meyer

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