[horde] Vacation problem

MiikaT mlist at finansium.fi
Thu Jun 27 00:48:01 PDT 2002


even though vacation is a contribution to Horde project, does anyone have
any good pointers for the following problem with Horde 2.1. When I try to
set vacation message I get a message:

Failure in modifying vacation notice: Could not set forwarding!

If I set the vacation manually from linux shell, and the try to remove it
from Horde, it will work. I recently upgraded Apache 1.3.17+php 4.1.2 to
1.3.26+php 4.2.1 (ftp enabled), so there might be a chance that something is
different/broken from the previous setup, but what.

I don't believe that the lack of vacation displayed at horde/test.php would
make it unworking, even though all other horde components are displayed in
test.php page.


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