[horde] horde intergration with other programs

Tim Gorter email at teletechnics.com
Fri Jul 19 16:39:16 PDT 2002

I'm looking at how I can integrate a few packages together, per se via a
portal of sorts. So using the Horde framework, I'm trying to make 3
projects work together!!

Horde (including IMP and various other modules)
phpBB for forum discussion
Mailman as the list server.

And I was wondering if anyone else out there is/has been tackling this

I notice that the horde.org site uses mailman as well, any one looked at
being under the same roof?

But starting with phpBB and Horde first off, as both can use the same
database (and as both do in my case) I would like them to authenticate from
the same table, I have not totally decided if it is easier to have Horde
authenticate from the users table of phpBB or vice versa. Programming wise
it seems easier to have Horde authenticate from the user table of phpBB.

This leads me on to the next question, I have recently upgraded from Horde
v1.2.8 to v2, but am still running the two in parallel. Using the same
database, but I notice that they are not using the same tables for the
preferences etc. Is there anywhere, has anyone an overview written down on
the difference of the table outlay, as it seems that peoples preferences
are not being transferred from one to the other, and that everyone would
have to re-submit them. Which isn't quite that transparent. So if at least
there is a plan of transition, then I could try and smoothe it out a


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