[horde] Horde versions

Peter Arien peter.arien at cc.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Aug 9 02:50:06 PDT 2002

Looking for enlightenment

http://www.horde.org/source/versions.php tells me there is a Horde 1.0x, 
1.2x, 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 (HEAD).

http://www.horde.org/source/modules.php states
"horde The core Horde libraries and framework RELENG_2, STABLE_1_2, HEAD"

The first lines in the README of my horde CVS RELENG_2 installation
  Version 2.0"

Am I running Horde 2.0? Or should that be Version 2.1? Is that
important? It looks important, since the versions.php page tells
me I can use Imp, Turba and Chora with Horde 2.0, while whith
Horde 2.1 I could also install Mnemo, Kronolith and Nag.

Maybe I should try to get some _real_ sleep.

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