[horde] Constants problems

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Oct 9 07:27:55 PDT 2002

Quoting "C.J. Collier" <listmail at colliertech.org>:

> Heya all,
> When I attempt to log in to Horde/Imp after configuring as the INSTALL
> file describes, I get these errors:
> Notice: Use of undefined constant OP_HALFOPEN - assumed 'OP_HALFOPEN' in
> /var/www/mail.colliertech.org/horde/imp/lib/IMP.php on line 121
> Notice: Use of undefined constant OP_ANONYMOUS - assumed 'OP_ANONYMOUS'
> in /var/www/mail.colliertech.org/horde/imp/lib/IMP.php on line 237
> Did I miss an important step?  Do I not have the packages that contain
> these constants installed?

Nope. Look at test.php; you need IMAP support.


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