[horde] Notice: Undefined index: socket

Nate Mollring nmollring at cennecs.org
Wed Oct 9 19:15:04 PDT 2002

Notice: Undefined index: socket in /usr/share/pear/DB/mysql.php on line 108
I get this error in turba, nag, and mnemo.  As per a previous post, I reviewed 
the archive for turba and found a fix.  Set 'socket' equal to ''.  That works 
if I add that to the conf.php for nag and mnemo, and put that in the 
sources.php for turba.  The problem is that everytime I make a change in the 
config for nag and mnemo, the conf.php gets overwritten.  Do any other 
solutions exist?

This line in the conf.php for nag fixes the problem....
$conf['storage']['params']['socket'] = '';


Central Nebraska Community Services

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