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 Subject: How to define user groups in HORDE?
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Dear Sir,

We have installed HORDE (Latest) under Imap / Mysql in RedHat 7.3 and
enabled Turba, Kronolith, Nag and Mnemo. All the functions are
performing well.

We are not able to configure HORDE GROUPS for sharing  resources on the
server between different users.

May we request you to provide suggestions to do this?

Is there any Web enabled horde configuration tool? There was setup.php3
file in Horde 2.2.x. Similar file is not found in Horde 3.x.

S.M. Thakor,
Manager, Information Systems Dept.,
M/s. GNFC Ltd., Bharuch, Gujarat, India,
Fax    : +91-2642-47002 Ext. 8328
Phone  : +91-2642-37328
VMS    : +91-2642-47002 Ext. 7328

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