[horde] index.php falls back to http on redirect

dadirtyluk dadirtyluk at gmx.de
Fri Oct 11 16:48:02 PDT 2002

hi there!

i'm almost at the end of my rope...i read all the stuff i could find,but
seems to help...except that i know where the problem is.

if i were a php hacker i think the solution would consist of changing two
lines,but i don't
get it right until now (at least i'm trying ;)

well the problem is that if i'm loading any index.php (/horde or /horde/imp)
the MIE falls back into
insecure mode...if i acces the /horde/login.php directly the connection
stays encrypted,but if i access
/horde/imp/login.php it falls back too...

i suppose either index.php and /horde/imp/.index.php use redirect.php and
that takes some vars from
the webserver,but the webserver itself has no ssl capabilities but is
encrypted through sslwrap. that shouldn't be
the problem,because once i am logged in i can just put the 's' back into the
url and the connection is secure again
(the cert is valid for that bit of time i think,or is it fake maybe?)

ahh config (almost forgotten) :

horde 2.1
imp 3.1
apache 1.3.26
openssl 0.9.6f
imap 2002 RC6
php 4.3.2

(everything as new as possible i think)

i really hope for some kind of advice (even for some kind of tricks for
better php coding ;) but i need to
get it working as fast as possible (same as ever)

thank you


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