[horde] Turba not in Horde page

izzk at netcourrier.com izzk at netcourrier.com
Sun Oct 13 05:49:18 PDT 2002

thanks for answering ;-)

>I assume you are refering to the summary screen. 
Yes i did.

well, why i would like to display it is linked to another question i just asked called "Form to log in Horde (not imp)"

but i also think that i would be nice to use the space this page provides to give direct link ... a sumary might contain the link to adress book, and "add a new contact" and a clickable list of my adress books ... 

an option i miss from older IMP release was the little book close to a people name / mail that allowed you to copy its info in a new contact box in one clic (could not find how to have this back in imp config files). this was really cool.
without this, without the toolbar frame (see my other question), with a horde + report problem menu bar (already BIG for a 1024x768 with text on), i am just strugling to get more links to make the integration of this great component more user friendly ...

sorry for my english


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>> but on the main frame i only get Imp / Calendar / Notes and Turba is not
>> displayed ... i would like that
>I assume you are refering to the summary screen. Turba isn't displayed there as
>it has nothing to display. What would you put as a summary for your addressbook?
>If you want something there you'll need to implement it in Turba's api.php.
>- Mike :-)
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