[horde] Bugs in Horde/Jonah CVS

Michael W. Jones mjones at otsc.com
Sat Oct 12 21:11:17 PDT 2002

I updated my eval copy of the CVS today, and updated the config files to
the latest.  With the recent addition of Logout as an application in
config/registry.php, test.php returns the following:

Notice: Use of undefined constant LOGOUT_VERSION - assumed
'LOGOUT_VERSION' in /usr/share/horde-devel/test.php(84) : eval()'d code
on line 1

Horde Versions

Horde: 3.0-cvs 
IMP: 4.0-cvs (run IMP tests) 
Logout: LOGOUT_VERSION (run Logout tests) 

I am also having problems with Jonah on the initial screen.  If I have
Jonah enabled in the registry, my Windows PC wants to download (instead
of open) login.php everytime I go to the Horde summary page.  The file
it's downloading is not valid html/xml, but comes across as high ASCII.

I have tested this to confirm Jonah is the culprit, by disabling
applications individually until the problem is corrected.  With Jonah
disabled, all other applications work OK.  I can also make the error go
away by telling Jonah not to display Stock Quotes and Weather in the
summary screen.  Headlines seem to work correctly.

If you need any further information to assist in reproducing this,
please let me know.

Mike Jones

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