[horde] Server Error

s-beutel at gmx.de s-beutel at gmx.de
Mon Dec 9 00:47:43 PST 2002

> I have installed the current versions of Horde and IMP here for
> experimentation:
> http://vs03.tvsecure.com/~vs03000/horde/test.php
> However, any attempt to access the scripts using this domain, or even to
> access test.php with a specific domain. produces a permission error:
> http://vs03.tvsecure.net/horde/test.php
> http://linuxadministration.com/horde/test.php
> http://vs03.tvsecure.com/~vs03000/horde/imp/
> I am working with the sysadmins on this, but I am also hoping someone else
> has run into the same situation and has a few pointers...?


as it says, it's a permission error. So, look thru your httpd.conf how
permissions are handled, and check the permissions set for these files/subdirs.
The web server's log might be a hint.


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