[horde] Problem logging into Horde 2.0

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Mon Dec 9 14:48:44 PST 2002

man, 2002-12-09 kl. 22:04 skrev NightHawk / Sean C.:

> mysql_create.sql' without a problem, am able to log into mySQL without a
> problem as the new user, it created the tables as it's supposed to just
> fine...

You do have a problem though, don't you? So did I and others.

> Anyone have any ideas?

Create a user (like yourself) in MySQL in horde_users (there aren't any
yet, are there?) and instead of using the MySQL PASSWORD() function, use
the MD5() function for the password.

Mind you, he probably won't be able to do any administration, I don't
know. I dropped 2.5 like a hot brick and went straight on to CVS HEAD.
You can appoint admins in the config, there.




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