[horde] Undefined admins<- Fixed,, Now, channging vpopmail user passwords ??

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Tue Dec 10 07:25:35 PST 2002

Quoting Arnold <arnoldcrypto at wanadoo.es>:

> Now, the next step... vpopmail and changing password with passwd-2.1

There is no vpopmail support in 2.1, but there is in CVS HEAD. It is really
just a modified sql driver. In fact, I'm still hoping we can merge to two
(vpopmail and sql) sometime in the future.
> Is there a way of changing passwords of vpopmail users (not the system) with
> passwd-2.1 from horde.?
> Or how can i make it then?

Upgrade to CVS HEAD.  Not sure what horde version you have, so can't say
if that will work for sure or not.
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