[horde] user options

Heikki Ylipaavalniemi heikki.y at empiria.org
Sun Dec 29 23:25:59 PST 2002

Just an update, I noticed that the help files in Horde are infact in Finnish. The links List help
topics and Close help are still in English but all the help texts are in Finnish.

Yes, if I choose from the user options Finnish it still is in English everywhere.

Zitat von Heikki Ylipaavalniemi <heikki.y at empiria.org>:

> Hello Jan,
> Horde: 2.1
> IMP: 3.1 (run IMP tests)
> Turba: 1.1
> Kronolith: 1.0
> Mnemo: 1.0
> 30. joulukuuta 2002, 1:20, you wrote:
> JS> Zitat von Heikki Ylipaavalniemi <heikki.y at empiria.org>:
> >>   I have installed a Horde frame with mnemo, turba, kronolith and IMP.
> >> And the installation seems to
> >>   work fine except for translations. The weird problems seems to only
> >> happen with Internet Explorer.
> >>   When accessing the page with Netscape or Lynx or Opera everything
> shows
> >> correctly in Finnish like
> >>   I configured it to. But when accessing Horde with Internet Explorer
> >> everything is in English what
> >>   ever I do, I can try to choose from the popup menu and login but
> it's
> >> still in English. What might
> >>   be causing this? I have asked other users to try the page with
> Internet
> >> Explorer and they are
> >>   experiencing the same problem so it can't be a configuration of my
> >> browser because other IE users
> >>   are experiencing the same.
> JS> What versions do you have?

Does this also happen if you set the language in the user options?


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