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Heikki Ylipaavalniemi heikki.y at empiria.org
Mon Dec 30 05:12:34 PST 2002

Hello Jan,

30. joulukuuta 2002, 14:31, you wrote:

JS> Zitat von Heikki Ylipaavalniemi <heikki.y at empiria.org>:

>> I noticed another thing. When I login into my account and go to my
>> language settings it says
>> Finnish. When I change it to English and save it and after that change it
>> to back to Finnish it DOES
>> show the pages in Finnish. But after I click a link or open Compose or
>> something else everything is
>> back in English. So only thing that changes is the page which comes up
>> after saving your settings.
>> Cookie problem perhaps? Netscape works without that problem.

JS> Are you sure that your options get stored at all? Do other options remain
JS> between two sessions?

Yes, options do get stored. I have created identity, changed filter and display settings etc. and
after I login and logout the settings are still there with both browsers IE and NS. The only setting
that doesn't get stored is the language. Also the mainpage for horde where the login screen is
should be default to Finnish and when I access it with NS it is in Finnish but with IE it is in
English when it should be defaulted to Finnish.
>> Just an update, I noticed that the help files in Horde are infact in
>> Finnish. The links List help
>> topics and Close help are still in English but all the help texts are in
>> Finnish.

JS> That's normal because the help texts and the other traslations (also the
JS> links in the help window) are created with different techniques.

>> Yes, if I choose from the user options Finnish it still is in English
>> everywhere.

JS> Just to make it clear: I have never heard of this problem being browser
JS> dependant. We do in fact rely on the browser's Accept-Language header when
JS> choosing the initial language. But once the user changed his languag option
JS> the browser's settings are ignored.

Yes, I don't get it either. I have tried different places where there is IMP and Horde in use and
all of those work fine with Finnish start page etc. but with our own server it doesn't accept
Finnish or any other language besides English for that matter. I have tried both Finnish and
Swedish. When I login and change the language from Finnish to Swedish it doesn't change from
English. I have to change it to English first and then to Swedish or Finnish and then the first page
is with the right language. But after I click on something it's back to English. I don't get it.
With Netscape I can choose any language and it changes correctly.

If you need I can e-mail you address for the setup and also a username and password for testing.

I appreciate any help.

JS> Jan.

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