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Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Dec 31 07:35:49 PST 2002

tir, 2002-12-31 kl. 14:00 skrev Chuck Hagenbuch:

> > This might seem "daft", but it's no different from Openldap's concept of
> > ACLs being defined in slapd.conf, at the moment. Things will probably
> > change with time :-)

> Why is it daft? And what do you expect it to change to?

I didn't say it *is* daft, I said it might seem so.

*If* both of the above do change, the Horde Admins will be configurable
from within Horde, by a Horde administrator, the Openldap ACLs will
change by means of ACIs within the DIT. The latter has already been
implemented on an experimental basis, but it is still at a torturous
stage. Setting up viable ACLs via vi and making them work in practice is
a duty for practiced specialists, whilst normal people should be able to
do it.

Why should it be desirable? Because the whole concept of Horde is based
on a GUI. Users can be configured from within Horde. End users want
point and click. With Horde they already have it for most things,
apointing admins is an exception.

Windows NT/XP administrators are configurable from a GUI, Novell
eDirectory likewise. I've never used iPlanet for LDAP, but I'm sure
that's the case there, too.

Example: What's the use of Eric's Vacation module? When I was sysadmin
for a small firm (40 people) and people weren't going to be contactable
for a period, they could either come to me and I'd set up the vacation
stuff for them in their home directories, or they could do a shell login
to the Unix machine, enter 'vacation' and vi their own .vacation.msg
(which almost no-one was capable of doing). Isn't Eric's solution 100
times better?




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